My road to hell...Part Deux

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My road to hell...Part Deux

Postby Replicant » 30 Aug 2017, 09:51

Well as some of you may have already seen on the book of faces, I am taking part in the 75 mile London to Brighton Offroad again this year. Although I have added the twist of training my teenage son from a complete beginner and dragging him around with me. All I can tell you is that teenagers have an interesting take on training. Apparently Xbox One, Football Manager and Game of Thrones all help in this goal?! :shock:

Once again, So... I would really appreciate it if anyone could sponsor me or promote my little endeavour on FB or Twitter. I am doing this for the British Heart Foundation and I wanted to get to at least £1,000 as that's the average cost of a defibrillator machine.

Anyway if you can help the details are here:-
Just Giving and you can leave a message of support

Thank you

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