Sony Vaio P11Z Review

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Rising from the depths
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Re: Sony Vaio P11Z Review

Postby iwt » 24 Oct 2009, 20:08

UKIan wrote:I like the look of them too, but there's a new one now: Engadget

Why oh why did I have to open that link! VAIO x-series, I need one. Need one now.
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Re: Sony Vaio P11Z Review

Postby Johnmcl7 » 07 Nov 2010, 17:40

Out of interest, a year on what's your thoughts on this machine?

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Re: Sony Vaio P11Z Review

Postby Tappy » 08 Nov 2010, 09:50

In a nutshell: It's too useful not to have, but if I went back in time, with what I know now, I'd still have a hard time justifying purchasing one!

I would say that it's been useful. I don't use it nearly as much as I used to, with its home role (as a sofa browser / office viewer) being taken over by a smartphone these days. However, it's always the device I take with me if I'm staying somewhere else overnight, be it holiday or business. And I did use it in work for a few weeks after my work laptop died, and it performed its role perfectly.

So, personal usage patterns aside, I still find it capable of carrying out what I ask of it. There are some painful moments where it's doing too many things at once, and you just have to leave it, but I do have a fresh install of Windows 7 on it now, and it's much smoother than it was with Vista or even the Windows 7 upgrade (as you'd expect).

On the bonus side, I still get comments on its size.
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