iTunes Question!

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iTunes Question!

Postby jurassicjim » 28 Apr 2015, 20:11

I have an iPod classic, much beloved, I currently use media monkey to sync my music collection between computers in my house and my iPod.

I store all my music on the nas drive and it all works wonderfully. With my songs I rate on one computer then being all nice and updated on my other computers because the files id3 data is changed.

The only downside is when I rate music on my iPod, I sometimes have issues with syncing the ratings on iPod back to the main collection on nas drive through media monkey. Sometimes it works, other times not and I've given up trying to get it 100%.

My question is, if I use iTunes and turn off all the iTunes sorting stuff (I hated it when it tried to reorganised my music) if I change the ratings on a song on my desktop, will the change the id3 data on the file itself? I'm assuming of course that syncing ratings between desktop and iPod will work better as it's the official software.

Any ideas anyone?



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