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Video capture software

Postby robbo » 12 May 2012, 19:55

Hi guys,

Can anyone recommend a free video capture software? I've tried CamStudio which captures the video fine but only seems to record audio from a mic input not directly from the soundcard (slect audio from speakers seem to use the onboard laptop mic and record audio that comes out of the speakers, and everything else in the room...).

I attend online tutorials using the Elluminate software for my course and sometimes watch them played back at a later date, but to skip forwards or back through them can be a bit of a chore as it seems to buffer/redownload everything if I flick to a different part of the tutorial. Looking for a some software where it'll record the Elluminate window and sound as it comes from the soundcard so can easily pause/jump back and forwards through a session.

And Ras, no, it's not for pr0n!

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