Installing certificates and Outlook confusions.

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Installing certificates and Outlook confusions.

Postby scarbunny » 29 Mar 2012, 17:10

Could do with a little assistance from the IT professionals.

Im currently setting up my bosses new laptop to remote into our server, which is going well. I have the VPN working fine and accessible from outside the network, printers, network drives ect. all good.

However I am struggling with Outlook. The previous "IT person" had it set as a POP3 account so would need to download the whole mail box when ever it was connected remotely, last time this was tried it took 5 hours for 3 weeks of email. What I want to do is set up Outlook Anywhere and have the mail box run in cached mode which should keep everything in line. I have the following instructions

1. Open https://domain/exchange on the laptop 2. Click on 'Continue to this website'.
3. Click on Certificate Error > View Certificate (in the top right of IE).
4. Click Install Certificate... > Next > Select Place all certificates in the following store > Browse > Select Trusted Root Certificate Authorities > OK > Next >Finish > Yes (to install certificate) > OK > OK.
5. Reopen Internet Explorer and ensure that you can browse to https://domain/exchange without a certificate error popping up - this is essential for Outlook 20xx to be able to connect from outside the office.
6. Browse to the Control Panel and open Mail 7. Click on Email Accounts 8. Click the View or change existing e-mail accounts and Next.
9. On the e-mail accounts page, select your Exchange settings and press Change.
10. On the Exchange server settings page, click on More settings.
11. Switch to the Connections tab.
12. Ensure the box next to Connect to my Exchange mailbox using HTTP is checked and then press the Exchange Proxy Settings button.
13. On this screen we want to ensure that the following settings are correct:
a. URL to connect to my proxy server for Exchange is your DNS name:
b. Connect using SSL only checkbox is checked
c. Mutually authenticate the session when connecting with SSL box is checked
d. Principal name for proxy server is msstd:domain/exchange
e. Basic Authentication is selected as the proxy authentication method
f. TICK: On fast networks, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP
g. TICK: Check On slow networks, connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP and click OK all the way out 14. Take the laptop to a remote Internet connection – test that web browsing is working.
15. Launch Outlook - you should be prompted for your credentials on the SBS 2003 server including domain e.g. NETWORK\user. Inputting these should let you connect in. Review the bottom right corner of Outlook to ensure a connected state prevails.

However no matter what I do I cant get passed step 5 as there is always a certificate error.

So what to do?

Laptop is on Win7 Pro, Office 2010
Server is SBS 2003.

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