Sony NEX 5N Impressions

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Sony NEX 5N Impressions

Postby jurassicjim » 17 Dec 2011, 13:15

Well camera got delivered this morning, thanks amazon and royal mail, great service as always.

I failed to order a memory card at same time as camera so cant really do a proper test, only menus, body and live view.

First impressions are great. I just have the kit 18-55 lens, and the form factor is amazing. It ireaaly is tiny and feels great in the hands.

Lens is not tiny, but the overall package is small and sleak. Love sonys styling with this. Feels well built and is incredibly light.

Flip out screen seems useful and sturdy, touch screen is large and responsive.

The screw on flash looks like it will do the job, but will hardly ever get used.

Menus are pretty straightforward and very easy to navigate with touch screen or dial.

Sony have given 3 buttons that are fully customisable to settings of your choice so your most used settings are one touch away. Which is very welcome coming from a big dslr with a button for most things.

There are some cool features like spot colour ( cant remember official name) where it will pick out just the red in a shot and everything else black and white. Just a gimmick but worked and looked amazing on our xmas tree.

Not tried other features as need a memory card really. But happy so far.

Autofocus seems pretty quick, this was my main concern. But after tinkering in options and turning off tracking focus and turning on spot focus, it seems decent is a medium lit room. Only time will tell on this one.

Will report more soon when battery has had a charge!


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