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Welcome - please read first

Postby admin@techpond » 08 May 2008, 22:42

Welcome (again) to the 'proper' Tech Pond forums - while the freeforums was pretty good, it quickly became clear that the ads and lack of customisation hindered it as a proper replacement for the Rockforum. Unfortunately due to limited access and this being the new version of the forum software, it's not been possible to transfer the data and usernames across. This forum is currently very much a work in progress but thought it was better for people to start using it now, while the forum is going to change the way it looks the underlying forum data will be intact.

A big thanks to Steffcip/cstefan who has generously provided the webhosting here - to put it mildly this is an outstanding server with full shell access allowing the forum to be built from scratch and can now be fully customised. The hosting is not limited to forums either and can be extended to include other content as well. Stefan is also the one who has spent a considerable amount of time providing this theme which has been worked on pretty much from scratch when no 'off the shelf' themes were found to be suitable.

We welcome companies posting on the forums to assist the community, please read the post below for guidelines on posting here:



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