Watching Live game streaming

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Watching Live game streaming

Postby Johnmcl7 » 05 Dec 2015, 03:08

I'm curious what people think about this as it's something I feel I'm not really getting, the reason I ask is that Twitch has obviously been hugely successful and now Youtube have their live streaming as well. I can see why people want to watch high level games such as League of Legends championships and I enjoy let's play videos although more for the humour rather than the actual gameplay. However I've noticed more and more recently people are offering to watch their completely normal every day streams, as an example I was browsing the Ori and the Blind Forest Reddit (a 2D platformer for the Xbox One) and there was someone about to start playing the game and offering people the chance to watch him play it which I thought was odd. On the Fallout 4 Reddit a user has started a giveaway, chosen the winner and then decided not to hand the game over after all instead giving to a friend who was going to live stream it on Twitch and make the person a moderator on his channel. This was made out to be a big deal and I couldn't see why.

I'm curious if any of you watch live game streams and what sort of thing you watch?
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Watching Live game streaming

Postby Fodder » 05 Dec 2015, 15:19

Not right now but I have watched Quickybaby on World of Tanks, or Rita Sobrae as they both have Jingles on occasionally and it I found it a bit of mindless entertainment. I would add they are definitely not in the celebrity mindset, which the chap your talking about sounds to be.

Jingles doesn't do a live stream but has a good youtube channel. Watching him try to do a play through of Alien was hilarious.

Oh and also 'Kate Click' a bit in the early days of Elite: Dangerous.
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