What Book are you reading? and rate it.

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What Book are you reading? and rate it.

Postby Fodder » 25 Nov 2015, 16:44

Just finished #14 of the frontiers saga by Ryk Brown on the kindle. I read a lot of these sci-fi series/'space operas' and have found a lot peter out after about the 5th or 6th episode and descend into repetitive tripe to keep you buying. This series is brilliant though, each book having a distinct story ark and purpose separate from the overall story. I think the first one is free or 99p on Amazon kindle.
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What Book are you reading? and rate it.

Postby Johnmcl7 » 03 Jun 2017, 01:59

I was excited to see one of my favourite book characters in the new Lego Star Wars sets which of course I had to buy even though I wasn't fussed about the rest of the set. In the early 90's when there was no sign the prequels were ever going to be made, Lucas commissioned a sci-fi author to write a new trilogy set five years after Return of the Jedi with some rough information about what was meant to have happened during the prequels. At this time the fledgling New Republic are struggling from being the rebellion to a legitimate government while a powerful Grand Admiral known as Thrawn has returned from the outer rim, reunited the warring Imperial factions and started taking the New Republic apart. Unlike the previous Imperials, Thrawn is a master tactician who doesn't need super weapons and it's not afraid to back down when he's beaten. The PC game Tie Fighter covered Thrawn's earlier career when as a Vice Admiral he was tasked with stopping an Imperial civil war which was occurring around the time of the original trilogy.

Thrawn and the similarly popular Mara Jade were both effectively obliterated when Disney took over the franchise and the Expanded Universe was no longer canon, the Force Awakens appears to ignore both entirely but Thrawn has now been brought back in Star Wars Rebels although I don't know if there's any changes to his character.

Coincidentally, Thrawn was featured in XKCD:


This is the opening section from The Last Command, the third of the Thrawn trilogy although it's a while since I read it and dug up the book to check the context of the quote and ended up reading the entire thing. I'd read the books so much when I was younger that I've not looked at them for many years and even though I remembered most of the main points, I was still surprised how I kept wanting to read on. There is a new Thrawn book by the original author for the new retconned version of Thrawn which I've decided to give a go, the author has written a variety of Thrawn books since the original trilogy both long after the original books and long before but they've never really hit the mark the same way.

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