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What TV series have you watched?

Posted: 08 Jan 2018, 18:14
by Johnmcl7
I think as Chris has said, it's just the difference in the design of the chassis as Eruption seemed to be functionally fine otherwise - there's a good still here of Apollo lifting Sir Killalot, it makes you appreciate how big the flipper is compared to Eruption: ... alot_2.jpg

Eruption seems to benefit for its smaller size with better armour although there's quite a bit of discussion on how well Apollo would have done with Eruption's driver.

I'm really not sure what the point of these two episodes were as it was clear from the outset that the foreign robots wouldn't even remotely stand a chance against the UK robots, if they were trying to get some more airtime out of the series I'd have liked to have seen a bit more behind the scenes as there's a lot of interesting stuff that happens but never seen on TV. Such as Carbide having weapon shut down problems and needing Sir Killalot to pin it down while it was disarmed or that crazy huge spinner robot that apparently damaged the arena on its first go as well. There seem to be licensing and legal issues between the different series which is why I'm assuming we didn't see any other decent robots, I know Carbide isn't allowed to compete in the US version of Robot Wars and instead they've built a second, similar model under a different name. That said, the rules for the US robots seem different and the US Carbide didn't get very far so perhaps they didn't want the UK robots getting soundly trashed.

The US robot it turns out, wasn't even theirs - it was one they borrowed: ... 5021246663

Weber did ok but not exceptional which people were putting down to inexperience but it turns out that robot is just 70kg, making it a lightweight compared to the 110kg weights it was up against and think it did impressively well given how much lighter it was.

What TV series have you watched?

Posted: 13 Jan 2018, 03:46
by Johnmcl7
A series called Wreck Trek caught my eye as I had a friend who had done a charity run taking a cheap car from Edinburgh to Mongolia, this series is the same idea taking cheap cars from Germany to South Africa. However it seems they're going for more of a Top Gear vibe as the people's abilities seem a bit questionable. I'm not even sure how they organised the group as they mostly seemed to dislike each other and they seem woefully unprepared, only one of them is a mechanic and one in the group can't even drive a manual. The mechanic seems questionable as well because when the 200 euro Renault 19 they bought wouldn't start, they took it a main Renault dealer who unsurprisingly struggled with a near 30 year old Renault and weren't cheap. Then when the same car failed on the motorway they blamed it on the driver (who had only been driving it a short time) and diagnosed it as a head gasket failure even though it had none of the symptoms.

They then spent a day going round garages trying to get the repair done for under 500 Euros, eventually got a garage who agreed to have a look and give the a definite cost. They initially diagnosed a faulty alternator (even though the car didn't have any power issues) then a faulty clutch as the reason the car wasn't starting even though it was engaging drive fine. Eventually they gave up and did what they should have from the start and bought another second hand Renault 19 for 270 Euros which was newer and better than the one they had, it was clearly never going to be worth repairing the original car.

Shortly after I decided to give up on that one.

Star Trek Discovery is back on with a solid episode although again I wish there wasn't any of the Klingon stuff as it just distracts from the more interesting parts of the episode.

Also getting back into Hunted which as usual is a bit questionable in how they do it but still quite good to follow.

I saw a few headlines about the new series of Black Mirror and tried to watch the first one of the third series which is about an exaggerated world where social media likes are actually important in the real world although didn't manage to finish it as it's quite awkward to watch which is intentional I guess. I skipped to the first of the fourth series which is quite a good one about a CTO of a tech firm which makes an advanced VR system, can't any more without spoiling it. The second one is about a child being fitted with a test implant that allows the parent to track the child, see what they're seeing and even filter it which as it often is with Black Mirror well thought out particularly a lot of the rest of the technology in it.


What TV series have you watched?

Posted: 13 Jan 2018, 14:04
by EviL Ras
Need to get back into the Orville. Only seen 2 episodes. We've been watching bones on fox. They're replaying the entire series from the beginning. Very light TV!

I've been watching archer on my commute. Not hands down hilarious but really enjoying the tone of it! And the fact so many of the voices are from other shows I watch it's been a lovely change from my Rick and Morty addiction!

What TV series have you watched?

Posted: 14 Jan 2018, 22:32
by Johnmcl7
I'm really liking Orville and episode 5 had some brilliant moments
I had a laugh at Isaac pointing out that his 'eyes' were not actually functional and just there to make other humans comfortable with him and his practical joke was impressive. That was quite a scene when he's explaining how his joke was both creative and unexpected to the pilot hopping on one leg shouting at Isaac. Also when they were rescuing the Captain I was amused at the pilot commenting that it was imperative they rescue her as she was visually appealing. I also loved the chief engineer having a cordless drill given to him by his grandfather that he never thought he'd have a use for.

Archer is an odd one, I wouldn't say it's that funny however I've watched it all as it's easy to have on in the background. Some of the stupid jokes like the 'mawp'/tinnitus ones or the 'phrasing!' ones make me laugh.

I've unfortunately finished Black Mirror which while hard to watch at times particularly that 80's episode which I found quite upsetting, it's all well done and the stories are quite gripping.

What TV series have you watched?

Posted: 14 Jan 2018, 23:13
by EviL Ras
Yeah, enjoying archer but it's definitely a weird one! It has a few lol moments each episode!

What TV series have you watched?

Posted: 15 Jan 2018, 00:03
by Johnmcl7
EviL Ras wrote:Source of the post Yeah, enjoying archer but it's definitely a weird one! It has a few lol moments each episode!


What TV series have you watched?

Posted: 17 Jan 2018, 00:37
by EviL Ras

This looks good given that 7 minute pilot a year ago! The show is now green lit and that's the trailer for its 26th Feb release! Hope I can get hold this!

What TV series have you watched?

Posted: 17 Jan 2018, 22:38
by Replicant
Been watching Inside No9. Very well written and can be described as modern day Tales of the Unexpected,

Love it