What TV series have you watched?

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What TV series have you watched?

Postby Johnmcl7 » 26 Mar 2019, 03:17

I'm not sure if a feature length documentary should be here or the film thread, here is probably better. Alex Gibney has a new documentary on Theranos titled 'The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley' which is an HBO feature that's showing in the UK on Sky Atlantic, previously he produced the Armstrong Lie documentary, the Dirty Money Series on Netflix and a feature on Scientology. I like his style as he puts the material together well and mostly lets the story tell itself through interviews and other sources although it's criticised for not offering its own insight or anything new but I think it's useful to get a good timeline and understanding of what was going on. Theranos promised to revolutionise the medical diagnosis industry by offering a very small blood testing machine that could automatically produce a wide range of tests from a tiny amount of blood taken with a fingerstick rather than a needle therefore offering consumers cheap and accessible blood tests that would assist in catching a disease early.

I'd read the headlines and articles about the company over the years and in particular about its found Elizabeth Holmes who believed she was going to be the next big person in technology and be known for transforming the market despite unsurprisingly her product didn't work and couldn't ever work. It doesn't seem to be an outright scam as such even though the reality wasn't far from that as she seemed to believe that they would eventually be able to deliver what was promised. What was staggering was the level of testing they actually did for patients despite serious problems in their procedures and how they viciously attacked whistleblowers and any sources critical of the company, there's a particularly chilling recorded conversation with journalists and several lawyers who are extremely aggressive about defending the company. Even when a Wall Street Journal article correctly highlighted all the problems in the company she still went on live television to defend the company and claiming the sources were nonsense.

It's definitely worth a watch if like me you've seen the articles along the way and want a more comprehensive look at what happened.
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What TV series have you watched?

Postby Replicant » 04 Apr 2019, 14:19

Johnmcl7 wrote:Source of the post
Replicant wrote:Source of the post I have just finished watching Sex Education. A brilliant series. Once you get your head around the weird 80’s staging but with modern people, themes and mobile phones etc. The writer has a love of John Hughes 80’s high school films.

Well written and very funny. Loved it!

What would you say it's similar to? I've seen a lot of praise for this series but not sure it's my sort of thing.

Nothing around quite like it really. Think of a blend of "Ferris Bueller" and "Pretty in Pink" for the physical set style and period feel with "The Inbetweeners" and "Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps" for the modern issues/humour and Britishness. It isn't generally as course as the last two and is actually pretty intelligent and clever.

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