Acer Aspire One - Dead?

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Acer Aspire One - Dead?

Postby Dr Who » 24 Sep 2009, 09:37

Missus phoned me yesterday to say that she had set her XP install on her Aspire One to hibernate and on return when she pressed the power button it no longer came on. Symptoms were no screen light coming on, no hard drive activity, only the power light was on (sometimes green, sometimes red) and no post 'beep'. No beep codes either. Having ruled out the obvious I diagnosed a possible motherboard failure. Phoned Acer - 6 days past warranty end.

I thought I would have a Google and lo and behold literally hundreds of posts detailing very similar failures on Aspire One. The cause is a corrupt BIOS. In fact the problem is so common that Acer themselves have posted a fix ( ... k/r_id/166) which doesn't invalidate the warranty (should you still have one)! One has an inkling they new this was a problem before release as they provide a BIOS recovery mode, which I have never seen on a laptop before? Anyhoo, a couple of minutes and one flash later and laptop is as good as new.


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