Calling SPSS/PSPP/Minitab users

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Calling SPSS/PSPP/Minitab users

Postby Fodder » 29 Apr 2009, 17:28

Help. I have to do some statistics, probably around calculating a Kappa (not sure which one yet) and/or ICC for a test with up to around 12 points between two, maybe three operators.

I have installed PSPP with PSPPire GUI. Worked out how to define names but completely lost how to present the data to the application and then get it to calculate the required stats. I have tried three columns, one as subject with the other two as examiner 1 and 2. Using the crosstabs bit I can get a Kappa option but nothing it generates makes any sense to me.

Also, possibly more importantly at the moment, I need to work out a group size using a p value, probably of 0.05. I have a couple of tools installed to try and calculate it, but they might as well be in Japanese as far as I can understand them.

Any chance of some help for a complete stats numpty? :|
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Re: Calling SPSS/PSPP/Minitab users

Postby Johnmcl7 » 30 Apr 2009, 13:22

I wish I could help you as these software packages are used extensively at work however despite that I haven't used them myself :(

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