DDR3 memory compatability problem

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DDR3 memory compatability problem

Postby PhilHibbs » 20 Oct 2014, 11:51

I upgraded a friend's PC at the weekend - 2TB HDD and Windows 7 went without a hitch, but the RAM didn't work.

We took along one of the two existing 2GB DDR3 DIMMs, and came back with two different 4GB DIMMs from different shops. This was probably a mistake, trying to use midmatched RAM, but I don't think that's the only problem. Basically, neither of them worked. At all. I only once managed to get the machine to boot to the BIOS with either of them installed, I tried all kinds of combinations and settings, including each individually, nothing worked, other than the two original DIMMs in slots 1 and 3.

One thing that we didn't pay attention to initially is that one of the new DIMMs was only rated at 1066 MHz, whereas all the others were 1333, but we did turn down the speed in the BIOS to 1066 but still no luck.

Any suggestions? We're going to take them back to the shops and swap one of them for two 2GB modules.
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Re: DDR3 memory compatability problem

Postby Johnmcl7 » 20 Oct 2014, 16:30

What system (Processor, motherboard) were you attempting to upgrade and who was the manufacturer of the memory? What was happening when you tried to power up with the new modules installed?

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