need serious help!

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need serious help!

Postby jurassicjim » 19 Jun 2010, 19:34

hi guys! been a while!

not got the internet at the mo so been difficult to login to the `pond.

basically I moved into a new flat, like a big purpose built one by the canal in leeds. got a router and trying to order a broadband service from an isp, but apparantly I have the internet already and need my mac code.

I cannot for the 'ife of me get hold of the original suppliers of the internet.

netgear setup is asking for pppoa login details before it lets me go on the internet.

any ideas much appreciation!

my phone number is 01132 438886 ( which is new to the flat as phoneline wasnt connected.


hit me up at jelliman1 @ g m a I l. c o m if you could as pain to keep checking pond on phone.

cheers and hope all is well!

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