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Windows Mobile/Phone discussion

Posted: 03 Oct 2020, 04:27
by robbo
robbo wrote:Source of the post
Tappy wrote:Source of the post Indeed! Even I am using Windows 10 now. Really not sure what to do after this if the fabled Surface Phone doesn't happen soon.

Well there's hope for an updated spec Windows phone this year, but Surface? Maybe 2019... ... 19-xcxwbn/

Well nearly right - 2020 with the Surface Duo!! :lol:

Windows Mobile/Phone discussion

Posted: 03 Dec 2020, 03:27
by Johnmcl7
It's a shame the way things went and I feel some of the Nokia phones didn't get the credit they were due. I thought the Nokia 925 was a really nice design that looked great, felt good in the hand and it was durable as well. I'm currently using a Galaxy Note 9 and I've just no idea why on earth they use so much glass since it doesn't feel good, it's slippery and it smashes on impact.