Need a mail server and some security advice

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Need a mail server and some security advice

Postby UKIan » 05 Dec 2009, 00:07

Howdy all, I need some software recommendations as I've finally got a dedicated server on the internet :)

I need something that runs on Windows 2008 server that costs 0-not too much.

That does mail with SMTP and POP3, and perhaps push using the microsoft sync protocols. If it comes with a webmail front end as well that would be peachy, but that's not so important.

I would also be interested in any advice regarding firewall, AV, general security tips for securing an internet facing Windows server.

I'm planning on putting web, database (not internet accessible), source control (probably SVN), and then a bunch of non standard internet apps. It's been a looooong time since I've had to secure a public facing server, I imagine it's simultaneously more complicated and less complicated than it used to be.

Oh I'm going to bung a wiki and PHPBB on there (probably, I might go for something other than phpBB, but I've used it before and seem to remember it being really easy to set up.

Thanks in advance.

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