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New Alienware M15 - an ultrabook from Alienware?

Posted: 05 Oct 2018, 17:05
by EviL Ras

So here it is! Dell and Alienware have finally been swayed by the march of thin and light laptops, and max-q technology.

So its 2.1kg, and 2.1cm thin. Thats on par really with the razer blade at 19cm thin and 2kg. Tho i think the footprint will be bigger.

i7 8750H as always! either a full 1060 or max-q 1070, 2 m.2 slots, a choice of a 60Whr battery and a HDD, or a 90Whr rated for 14-17 hours of light use.

It will be interesting to see the reviews when they're out in a few weeks. As this might be a contender for my next laptop! If only because its light and thin with a 1070 max-q, but you can get it on a dell 12% discount weekend!

Also no news on 20 series cards yet. tho on their AMA they mentioned the laptop can handle them they think. As its rumoured the 2070 Max q without the virtual link thing uses the same TDP.

New Alienware M15 - an ultrabook from Alienware?

Posted: 10 Oct 2018, 23:13
by Johnmcl7
I don't really understand putting a lot of high power parts in a very thin and light laptop, I occasionally toy with the idea of an AW13 or AW15 when I've seen them on the outlet reduced but despite them having much larger cooling systems they have loud fans and run hot. The idea of fitting those same hot parts in a much smaller chassis seems completely crazy. Even the ULV laptops which have the low power 17W TDP processors and no dedicated graphics card are hot and noisy, I went for an XPS 13 (the first one with the minimal bezel design) which was rated the very best of the ultrabooks with glowing reviews everywhere but I couldn't stand it as the fan was on constantly even when idling, would rev up and down plus the heat on the underside made it pretty much unusable on my lap...that's in the cold highlands, far north of the wall so I'd dread to think what that PC would be like in a warmer climate. I then went for a Latitude 12 instead also with a ULV processor and ended up never really using as again the fan noise and heat drove me up the wall.

Lenovo refreshed their design of the X230/T430 with the X240/T440 going for slimmer machines with a ULV processor instead of the older 35W ones. I was sitting beside someone today with a T480 (which uses the same design) and the fan was roaring away while the laptop was just idling which I've noticed is the same with all these models, my X230 despite having a much higher TDP is mostly silent and doesn't get any more than slightly warm underneath. Looking at the specifications of the Dell it's going to be a similar size and weight of chassis but it's going to have a 45W processor and a much hotter graphics card, that seems an incredible amount of heat in a space that can't adequately cool a 17W part. Some of the new Apple laptops seem to really struggle to cool the processor and although there was meant to be a firmware fix for it, the performance results are apparently not much different: ... or-useful/

Are people simply not bothered about heat and noise any more? I rarely see it mentioned on reviews even on laptops I've used that are particularly hot and noisy so I'm feeling like I've just dropped out of the trend completely now.

New Alienware M15 - an ultrabook from Alienware?

Posted: 11 Oct 2018, 12:48
by EviL Ras
This is for the next generation of gamers. Thin and light enough to carry round with you. All day battery for productivity. Then Max Q graphics to hit a sweet spot between power and noise. As you can use whisper mode to lock to 60FPS to use less power, to create less heat and keep the fans under 40 decibels.

Not going to suit everyone, and a lot of the core alienware audience hate this as its not big and heavy with uber cooling and overclocked cards. But for me, this slots into my search along with the Razer Blade 15, MSI GS65 and Gigabyte Aeror 15x.

New Alienware M15 - an ultrabook from Alienware?

Posted: 11 Oct 2018, 17:52
by Johnmcl7
People don't want machines to be big and heavy but if you're going to have a machine with a lot of performance then it's a necessity - I would absolutely love a thin and light gaming machine if it was possible but there's just no way you can fit high TDP parts like these in such a small chassis with adequate cooling. There's absolutely no way this laptop is going to offer all day batterylife, not even a fraction of it - the Razer Blade you mentioned only manages four to five hours at most. This is going to run incredibly hot (I wouldn't be surprised to find it needs to do heavy throttling) and be very noisy, I find one of the issues with the thin chassis is you need a small, high pitched fan which makes a more intrusive noise.

This is why I stopped buying gaming laptops because I could no longer actually use them as a laptop as they ran so hot I couldn't actually have it on my lap. Looking at the underside of this new laptop I suspect it's also going to be unusable on a lap as well. Certainly how you describe this laptop sounds fantastic but sadly it's very distant from the reality, but these days I guess being thin is more important than noise, heat and batterylife all of which this machine will be poor at. The similar sized and specced Razer Blade runs too hot to use on a lap and its battery couldn't even manage three hours playing video.


New Alienware M15 - an ultrabook from Alienware?

Posted: 12 Oct 2018, 11:57
by se99paj
Its funny how times change - I bought my first laptop as a mobile gaming PC, I was moving around a lot with work so was easier than a PC.

But once work settled down I went back to a PC - Mainly down to cost and upgrade options, gradually upgrade bits over the years instead of large investments every few years.

I am thinking of looking at a laptop again, but something much more lightweight and low performance, might even consider a Chromebook - But its mainly an alternative to my Android tablet that is starting to fail