Completed any games recently?

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Completed any games recently?

Postby scarbunny » 24 Apr 2018, 15:23

I wish, they are almost all Xbox, and a significant number bought at or near release, I am an idiot with a very understanding partner.

Just finished Watch_Dogs 2, very enjoyable game, decent enough story, likeable protagonist, annoyingly 2 lateish mission completion achievements didn't pop, which is what stopped me playing originally, but I'm not up for replaying 3/4s of the game again for them.
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Completed any games recently?

Postby Martinos » 24 May 2018, 13:23

I completed the Witcher 3 for the third time recently, including both expansions. I just love that game. Also played around with some mods but I didn't find anything mind-blowingly good. I wish the modding community was a bit bigger like the Bethesda games modding communities.

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