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Uplay client - warning, recommend against buying games

Posted: 12 Dec 2013, 02:49
by Johnmcl7
I've made the mistake of buying a couple of Uplay codes (one for Assassin's Creed 4, the other for Splinter Cell Blacklist) but after struggling with it for a few days I'm about ready to give up on them entirely as the Uplay system is currently mostly unusable.

The main problem is that games download at a very slow speed but somehow are still using all available bandwidth and downloading masses of data. I don't understand this, I've been downloading at a painfully slow 60KB/s and the Uplay client is claiming just 10GB downloaded after a long, long transfer. However when the Uplay client is running, nothing else can use the connection as Uplay is hogging it all, the router shows Uplay as maxing out the ADSL connection and the ISP is showing a far larger amount of data has been downloaded. I thought I was safe leaving it to trickle its download through the day as it was going to slowly it wouldn't use much of the metered data but I'm annoying to find it has.

You can't move or backup a game once installed, you have to redownload it from scratch. This is even more ridiculous bearing in mind the above, I've been trying to download the game on the microserver as it's on 24/7 (it does all my Steam downloading and other stuff) which strangely shows the games folder as being 22.5GB. I decided to try moving it to the games PC so put it in the same location and told the Uplay client where it was but it ignored and started a fresh download. I let it download for a bit and watched the free space on my drives to see where it was putting data (there's a ton of cab files in my Windows temp folder on the microserver which I think belong to it) but none of the drives were showing any reduction in space as the client clicked up the data downloaded.

My main concern at the moment is that I'm sure it told me I only had 30 day to download the games unless I purchased some extra which I'm checking. I'm hoping I'm wrong so I can just forget this now and try later when they've hopefully sorted these problems. The forums are full of people with exactly the same issues ( ... cal-issues) and all Ubisoft do is tell people to contact support, apparently missing the point of a forum. Unsurprisingly, most people who send in queries to technical support seem to be ignored as is mine so far although even if I get a reply I expected it to be a nonsense scripted one.

My just end up writing off my £20 which isn't that bad but immensely frustrating, this is the fourth major version of the client yet it's still appalling.