Xsyon (Pronounced like Zion) MMO

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Xsyon (Pronounced like Zion) MMO

Postby LtScunner » 01 Mar 2011, 17:52

I've just heard about this MMO, just wondered if anyone else had come across it.

From what I can gather it's a sandbox MMO (whatever that is) with no NPC's.

Much of the game sounds like it's about gathering and crafting with full on PVP. You need to craft your own tools, weapons and armour.

With no NPCs apparently, players give out quests to other players.

Review here and website here.

Some people seem to be getting excited about it and it's been a while since I've brought to the fore a game I have no intention of buying. It all sounds a bit too much hard work, but I'll throw it out there coz some-one, somewhere might like it.
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